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2-4 OCTOBER 2024




Dear Partners,


We, in our capacity as the conference chair and co-chairs of the 27th Meeting of the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics, set to occur from October 2nd to 4th, 2024, in Almería, Spain, are reaching out to you. We are pleased to share with you the details of this prominent scientific event in the field of Neurosonology.


The congress aims to bring together renown experts and professionals in Neurosonology, providing a conducive space for the exchange of knowledge and scientific advances. The previous edition, the “26th meeting of the ESNCH,” held in Lisbon in 2022, was a resounding success, marking the return of in-person meetings to the main global event in Neurosonology.


In 2024, our congress will focus on advancing knowledge in the applications of Neurosonology in various areas such as cerebrovascular diseases, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, headache and migraine, neuroinflammatory and metabolic conditions, among others. The confirmed participation of prominent neurologists from Spain and other European countries ensures a diverse and specialized audience.


Recognizing the significance of collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in ensuring the success of events of this scale, we extend a cordial invitation for your participation as a financial partner in our congress. We view our industry collaborators as indispensable partners and are dedicated to ensuring your individual objectives for the event are effectively met.


Attached, you will find more details about the program, sponsorship opportunities and exclusive benefits for our collaborators.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information to discuss how we can customize these opportunities to suit the unique needs of your company.


We appreciate your consideration and eagerly look forward to the possibility of having your valuable support at the Neurosonology Congress 2024 in Almería.





                                    Patricia Martínez Sánchez          Antonio Arjona Padillo       Laura Amaya Pascasio

                                            Conference chair                         Conference co-chair               Conference co-chair


Board of Directors

ESNCH President Branko Malojcic
Conference Chair Patricia Martínez-Sánchez
Conference Co-Chair & Scientific Secretary Laura Amaya Pascasio
Conference Co-Chair Antonio Arjona Padillo
Teaching Courses Chair Joaquín Carneado Ruiz
ESNCH Secretary General João Sargento Freitas

Scientific Commission

Aleksandra Pavlovic Serbia
Alexandre Amaral e Silva Portugal
Andrei Alexandrov USA
Claudio Baracchini Italy
David Rodriguez-Luna Spain
David Russell Norway
David Školoudík Czech Republic
E. Bernd Ringelstein Germany
Eva Bartels Germany
Fabienne Perren Switzerland
Farzaneh Sorond USA
Felix Schlachetzki Germany
Georgios Tsivgoulis Greece
Gerhard-Michael von Reutern Germany
Jéssica Fernández Domínguez Spain
Joaquín Carneado Ruiz Spain
Jorge Pagola Spain
José Mário Roriz Portugal
Jose Valdueza Germany
Jürgen Klingelhöfer Germany
Kurt Niederkorn Austria
László Csiba Hungary
László Olah Hungary
Manfred Kaps Germany
Manuel Manita Portugal
Marta Martínez Martínez Spain
Marc Ribó Spain
Markus Kneihsl Austria
María Victoria Mejías Olmedo Spain
Marta Rubiera Spain
Mathias Sturzenegger Switzerland
Miguel Rodrigues Portugal
Milan Vosko Austria
Milija Mijajlovic Serbia
Natan Bornstein Israel
Patricia Martínez Sánchez Spain
Piergiorgio Lochner Italy
Roberto Muñoz Arrondo Spain
Rui Felgueiras Portugal
Sofia Calado Portugal
Stephan Schreiber Germany
Uwe Walter Germany
Zsolt Garami USA

Young Neurosonologists Commission

Coordinator Javier Fernández Pérez Spain
Jorge Rodríguez Pardo de Donlebún Spain
João André Sousa Portugal
Noelia Rodríguez Villatoro Spain
Ricardo Varela Portugal

Local Committee

Jorge Rodríguez Pardo de Donlebún Spain
Joaquín Carneado Ruiz Spain
Marta Martínez Martínez Spain
Roberto Muñoz Arrondo Spain
Jéssica Fernández Domínguez Spain
Jorge Pagola Pérez de la Blanca Spain
Francisco Moniche Álvarez Spain
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